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Shravan Kumar SUVARNA

Motivation Letter

Dear Madam/Sir,

Being pleased to say that I am double master degree candidate in Control and Embedded Instrumentation in ESIGELEC University (France) under a special dual degree program offered by School Of Information Science, Manipal University India. In which one part of my Dual degree i.e. Master in Embedded System and Instrumentation has been completed during the Academic year 2013/14. Also completed my Bachelor degree in Computer Application in India. Currently I am looking for a full time opportunity. I have a strong passion for technology, where I hope to put my interests and learning into practice.

My emphasis is on working creatively as a team. This philosophy resonates with me as it engenders trust and long term relationships and would allow me to apply the communication, teamwork and problem solving skills I have developed through both my studies and employment experience.

My previous role as a Technical Support Engineer in an Automotive Industry (Electrical/Electronic department) included working with an Electronic Simulator (Test RIG) which was a representative of one of the newly built architecture of a truck. During my mission I gained lot of good experience in programming languages(C,C++,Java), simulation tools(Vector CANoe/CANalyzer,Matlab,Simulink),bus protocols and wide exposure to complex electronic architecture and hands on experience with electronic components like ECUs(Electronic Control Units). My main task was to write test scripts,test, simulate and program all the Electronic Control Units and to remove all the diagnostic trouble codes from the simulator and also to create graphical user interface. By working collaboratively with my mentor, I have developed my skills in planning, goal setting and support. I also have good experience with developing real time web application where I improved my skills in JavaScript,ASP.Net,VB.Net, PHP,RoR,SQL,HTML,CSS. So I believe that I can contribute to your team and will build a path to success.

I would like to be part of the company’s growth and contribute innovative ideas in future. Complementing my good academic performance are my advanced skills in handling a project and communication. In several of the projects during my studies, actively participated in the team as an active partner for the project and leader for one project as well during which I have taken the responsibility for building and leading our project team in several aspects. Taking all these in account, with full confidence I assure that I will excel in the given field and serve your organization sincerely and diligently. With this I can proudly say that a self-starter, eager to learn new things and motivated team player with ability to accomplish tasks independently. Through my professional activities I have strengthened my interpersonal and presentation skills.

I believe that I have the potential to be a valuable member of your team and it will give me the unique opportunity to extend my multicultural practice and to gain invaluable knowledge in international environment. I would welcome the great opportunity to learn and work as part of your successful team, to benefit from your extensive experience, and to put my skills and enthusiasm into practice for your association. I promise that I will put my commitment, intelligence, hard work and my stamina to succeed in completing the goals. The enclosed resume provides more details of my skills and achievements track
record. Thank you very much for giving me a wonderful opportunity to express myself and thank you very much for spending your valuable time. Kindly revert back to me.

Yours Sincerely,
Shravan Kumar

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